A Poem about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The other white meat
The other white meat

Okay, readers. Here’s another contribution from me for the Freaky Dude Books blog. This one has a bad word or two in it, so all you small children who frequent this site, be aware that your minds get get warped a little. But it’s about Presidential politics, so why would you even be looking at it. You’d rather be playing video games or eating your Girl Scout Cookies, right?


© 2016 by Daniel Berenson

Every four years, here I am again!
Every four years, here I am again!

The last Republican debate was a sight,
It reminded me of school kids in a fight,
Three grown men yelling at the same time,
But nothing said ’bout poverty, poisoned water, or crime.

Mr. Cruz and Mr. Carson invoke the Almighty,
But Mr. Trump’s taunts got their undies uptighty,
With all Donald’s talents we should be awed,
In his own humble words, he’s ’bout equal to God.

The Republican party might be falling apart,
The establishment’s tried to stop him, but Trump’s been too smart,
He draws huge crowds, and though his plans aren’t complex,
His fans don’t care; it’s the image he projects.

On the Democratic side, they’re much more polite,
Mr. Sanders fights hard but he’ll never cite
Ms. Clinton’s private server; when asked, he just shrugs,
Not to mention Clinton’s outfits, which look like rugs.

Clinton’s image is a problem; most people don’t trust her,
If she gets elected, it won’t be just her,
Democrats won’t admit it, but they’re afraid
That’s she’s still covering up all the times Bill’s got laid.

And Ol’ Bernie? He’s leading a populist coup,
But his programs sound too good to be true,
Free health care and college and jobs for all?
Our taxes’ll be higher than Donald Trump’s wall!

But Congress will do nothing. Son of a bitch!
They’re driving our country right into a ditch,
Our infrastructure’s dying, cracked pipes pour out waste,
At work or school we get guns pushed in our face.

And the country’s in camps, left and right,
There’s no middle ground; it’s black or it’s white,
Compromise has become a dirty word,
A proposal from Obama? ’Pubs give him the bird.

So it seems the election will be Clinton vs. Trump,
Once again the sheeple be taken for chumps,
And whoever wins this coming November,
The country will be polarized more than ever.

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