These Dudes Have Joined the Poetry Revolution. Will you??

VOICES: Poems for Performance

VOICES is the alternative to the poetry most schools and textbooks give middle and high school students. How is it different? Well, it brings back the excitement and fun poetry had for kids when they were young, when it had rhyme and rhythm and it made you want to recite it out loud. These are poems not just for reading or studying, but for performing

You’ve already seen some of the poets in this book at the top of this page. They are just a sample of the more than 50 poets who tell their stories in VOICES. Below we introduce more of our poets, with previews of what to expect from each of them:



Our meals Matthew Crenshaw did attack.
Well, he’s gotta know we don’t take no flak.
This kid had better take it all back
Or be ready for a whomp, stomp, and a whack.




I have crutches, but I need to be strong
When people tell me I don’t belong.
I know I’m right and they’re so wrong.
They’re the ugly vultures; I’m the swan.




I hate my class in foreign language.
I’d rather be chompin’ on a BLT sandwich.
This weird way of talking hurts my brain.
Like I’m ever going to France or Spain!




I was in love; what did I know?
His words made me sing; his gaze made me glow.
With him, I looked forward to every day.
Now he’s broken my heart and stripped it away.


Here is the link to the VOICES page at Amazon. (It’s also available in all the other major ebook platforms.) Take a look, peruse — ooh, how about that for a thousand dollar word? — the “Look Inside” feature. That should convince you to buy VOICES. If it doesn’t, well, that’s on you, you… you… you person with less than great taste.

Now get to it.
Get ready to be zapped by amazin’ poetry.
You’ll be rantin’ and chantin’, “Hey, give mo’ to me!”

And when you find your own voice, it won’t seem absurd
That you can create beauty simply from words.

Believe it!

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