How Daniel’s Books Have Been Used in Schools

Daniel writes for kids because he knows kids. He’s taught middle school for more years than he wants to admit and his books have been used in many schools in North Carolina. Hundreds of kids have read his books, written to him about his books, even turned in book reports on his books. Multiple copies of seven of his titles provided to the Githens Middle School library, where he was teaching at the time, and Daniel’s books were checked out more than any other author listed in the school’s catalogue. Just click on the articles below to find out more. They were published in the Durham Herald-Sun and the Raleigh News and Observer.

Just listen to how Daniel touts his books to potential middle grade readers. “Imagine how cool it would be, people, if you showed up in English class and your teacher said, ‘Class, instead of reading yet another dull book about stuff you don’t care about, we’re going to read STORIES GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU SICK by Daniel Berenson and then we’re going to act out one of his poems from VOICES and put it up on YouTube.’ Oh, the boys would be jumping on their desks, waving their arms in happiness, and going “Hoo, hoo, hoo!” (In other words, they’d be acting normal.) Admittedly the girls wouldn’t be as excited. (Also acting normal.) But they will be, I promise you! Just give these books a chance and see if these stories and poems don’t make you a better reader and let you have fun at the same time.

“So when your teacher gives you some Shakespeare to read,” Daniel goes on, “just stand up and say, ‘We beg to differ, oh teacher, but wherefore art the poetry of VOICES or STORIES GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU SICK by yon lad Daniel Berenson? Then just wait for some immediate teacher reaction. (Note: Neither Daniel nor anyone associated with Freaky Dude Books is responsible for any subsequent broken bones, broken heads, tongue lashings, teachers applying ‘the claw,’ attorney fees involved in any lawsuit, or anything else we don’t want to be held responsible for.)”

“Best of luck and remember,” Daniel concludes, “you’re fighting for a great cause: the right of students to get literature you really like. Sure, some of the classics that teachers give you are valuable and they’re worth your attention, but think of Freaky Dude Books as the pizza on your literary plate. Pizza has healthy ingredients too and is more fun than vegetables. Wouldn’t you enjoy some literary pizza?”

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