crankenfuss_transparency_with_logo_on_shirt_150X174“So how come Dr. Crankenfuss gets his picture way up here near the top of this page?” you’re probably asking. “Who’d he have to pay off, huh?”

Yo, dudes, here’s the reason: Look at that awesome moneymaker to the left there. Isn’t that reason enough?

Also there’s another good explanation my mug is up here. It’s because I’m the one who put together two of the most recent Freaky Dude Books. But more about that later.

VOCES: An Owner's Guide to the Adolescent MindFirst let me tell you about Daniel’s latest book. After like a hundred years as a teacher, he discovered that his students weren’t too happy about the dull poetry they’d have to study in middle school. So he created this book where over 40 kids tell their own stories in rhyme. Some stories are really funny, but some are really sad. But all of them rhyme and they’d all be really cool for acting out in front of a class. Believe me, there isn’t a poetry book like this out there.
Sample it/buy it at Amazon.
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Now back to my favorite topic – me! As many of you know, I like to rant on my blog about all sorts of stuff that gets me TO’d, PO’d, and BO’d, like it says on my t-shirt. (And always remember, BO’d means “bummed out,” okay?) But I also like to joke around a lot and get in trouble with teachers for trying to be funny in class (or, in the words of many teachers, “when it’s not appropriate.”) So I’ve gone and put together TWO HUMOR BOOKS FOR GUYS!! You can find out much more about them at the links I’ve put below, but here’s a quick rundown on them.

COVER_CRANKENFUSS1_250X333_124KBPoems and pranks,
Games, gags galore.
Guys are left gasping,
“Gimme more! Gimme more!”
Quips and comments
That might make you moan.
You’ll need a cast
For your funny bone.
Reading’s never been
So much fun,
And this is only Volume 1.
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Sample it/buy it at Apple.
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Now I had so much fun putting together the first book, I went ahead and did a sequel. I actually think the second one is even better than the first one. Plus it’s longer.

COVER_CRANKENFUSS2_250X333_109KBWhy to one book
Should you be restricted?
You know you need more.
I’ve got you addicted.
Here’s more of the same,
But even better.
By the time you’re done laughing,
Your pants will be wetter.
You can read other joke books
Till you bust,
But you’ll never do better
Than Crankenfuss!
Sample it/buy it at Amazon.
Sample it/buy it at Apple.
And coming soon to Barnes & Noble.

daniel_side_view_150X191Now let’s get to Daniel. The next three books were written by him alone, but if you check carefully, you’ll see he had the help of very talented illustrators on them. The first book is a romantic comedy for kids — you know, the kind where boy + girl + love = trouble. BIG TROUBLE! The second is a unique collection of short stories (from flat-out funny to truly frightening) , and the third is a very intense novel about playing with fire. Literally.

Cover_LOVE_THUG_250X333_135KB“Billy Cantrell’s gone totally insane
‘Cause he’s got Veronica on the brain.”

That’s the setup for LOVE THUG.
Now falling in love should be wonderful for an honor student like Billy, except for one small detail. The beautiful Veronica already HAS a boyfriend, a thick-headed thug who won’t take too kindly to Billy’s choice of partners. So what’s a guy like Billy going to do? Be a LOVE THUG and out-muscle his competition. Surely Veronica will go for that. Won’t she?
Find out at Amazon.
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STORIES_GUARANTEED_250X333_50KIf you don’t think your good health is worth much, try these stories. You’ll never under-appreciate good health again. Why? Because these seemingly innocent tales will practically put you into the ICU. A fight-to-the-death with a giant crazed cockroach? Being stalked by zombies? Traveling through a guy’s nasal passages? Having to clean up your room? You’ll be amazed at the quickness with which you’ll find sickness. All from one book! (Warning: no barf bags included.)
Get grossed out at Amazon.
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COVER_FIREBUG_250X333_93KBFire burns.
And some burns may never heal.

This next book by Daniel is serious.
Deadly serious.
You don’t play with fire:
not as a person, not as an author.
Daniel Berenson takes you through the fire experience and the way it scars everything it touches. Two boys play with fire and suffer terrible consequences. Can they find the strength to deal with the enormous problems they’ve created for themselves?

Find out at Amazon.
Find out at Apple.
Find out at Barnes & Noble.

moose_little_holding_book_transparency_128X330Last, but very certainly not least, moose_holding_book_transparencywe show you two guys who’ve helped us at Freaky Dude Books put out two works the like of which have never ever been seen on Earth before. We really mean it! The works are THE CLASSIC BOOK OF MOOSE JOKES FOR KIDS and THE CLASSIC BOOK OF MOOSE JOKES FOR ADULTS. 100 moose jokes in each book, each illustrated in color, each suitable both for moose AND humans. There are even Moose Raps by the likes of Lil Moose and Snoop Moosey Moose. Here are the covers with the links to how to get them underneath.Cover_Moose_Book_Adults_250X333_133KB
To find out more about the Kids Moose Joke Book,
which is aimed at kids aged 5-12,
go to Amazon,
or Apple,
or Barnes & Noble.

To find out more about the Adults Moose Joke Book,
which is more sophisticated and more — you know —
go to Amazon,
or Apple,
or Barnes & Noble.

And be aware, be very aware that:

Thanks for reading about all our FREAKY DUDE BOOKS.
We hope you check them out and read their samples.
That should do the trick.


  1. Daniel Berenson has hit one out of the park again with Love Thug!
    What a wonderful way to illustrate the idea that bad behavior is a non-winner than by showing what can happen when you try to be something else than true to yourself.

  2. Spent some time looking over your site. Enjoyed all of it I had time to look at. Think you’ve got a good thing going here. I will pass it on to some friends and family.. sl

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