At Freaky Dude Books, everything we do is “on the edge.” That really goes for our videos. You won’t find another collection like them. Not anywhere! We have 12 of them now, with the most recent at the top. Click on any title below and you’ll be sent to the thumbnail and description of the video. Click on the arrow in the thumbnail and fasten your seat belts.

▶ I’m Gonna Be a Hip Hop Star — Dr. Crankenfuss Rap Video #2
▶ Sore Back Rap — Dr. Crankenfuss Rap Video #1
▶ LOVE THUG — Rapping Puppet Book Trailer
▶ Fast and Furious — West Coast Swing with Daniel & Maureen (Round 2)
▶ Poor Poor Pitiful Me — Klassy Karaoke by Maureen Dunlap
▶ Just Messin’ Around — West Coast Swing with Daniel & Maureen
▶ No Time for Nothin’ — Poetry Video
▶ The Science Project — Poetry Video
▶ After Watching the News Just Like You Asked, Mr. Cahill — Poetry Video
▶ This is Food? You Got To Be Kidding! — Poetry Video
▶ Lance’s Magic Act — A Collie Performs an Astounding Feat of Contortion

I’M GONNA BE A HIP HOP STAR with Dr. Crankenfuss

Dr. Crankenfuss stars in an newer and even better rap video about how a white boy can become a big hip hop star.

SORE BACK RAP with Dr. Crankenfuss

Dr. Crankenfuss, principal blogger at Freaky Dude Books, raps on how heavy textbooks are killing his poor body.

Book Trailer for STORIES GUARANTEED with Dr. Magic, the rapping puppet

Dr. Magic returns for another endorsement of a Daniel Berenson book. This time it’s for STORIES GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU SICK. Read a big book sample at the “OUR BOOKS” page at this site.

Book Trailer for LOVE THUG with Dr. Magic, the rapping puppet

Dr. Magic tells you all about LOVE THUG, Daniel’s comic novella. Check out the book itself at the “OUR BOOKS” page at this site.

Fast and Furious — West Coast Swing with Daniel & Maureen (Round 2)

Here’s another round of whirling and swirling dance moves by Daniel and Maureen, still THE WORLD’S OLDEST AND COOLEST AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR DANCE COUPLE. They’ve been waiting to hear from possible competitors for that title. Pencil turns, anyone? And have a look at Daniel. It looks like he’d have trouble breathing rather than doing these hoopdy-doo moves.

Poor Poor Pitiful Me — Klassy Karaoke by Maureen Dunlap

Here’s Maureen Dunlap, web designer for Freaky Dude Books and illustrator of some of Daniel’s magna opera, bustin’ out with her rendition of the Linda Ronstadt classic. Ain’t nuthin’ poor ’bout that gal. More like a Yokohama mama!

Just Messin Around — West Coast Swing with Daniel & Maureen

Well, here you have it: what the whole world has been waiting for, but never knew it. A West Coast Swing performance by Daniel & Maureen, the author and illustrator at Freaky Dude Books. Never before has there been a swing couple like this. It’s not that they’re that good. (Well, Maureen is, but Daniel??) What is unique is that they’re the OLDEST, COOLEST AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR DANCE COUPLE IN THE WORLD. All you other authors dancing with the illustrators of your books: We’d love to hear from you.

No Time for Nothin’

You know what adults always say? That kids have it s-o-o-o-o easy. Well, to put it simply, THEY DON’T. Mollie Zoffer and Lareine Gohi would like to catch up with each other. The only trouble is — they barely have time to eat or sleep, much less hang out. Have a look as they manage to talk for a minute or two — for a change.

The Science Project

This movie features Michael Thompson as someone we all know very well — the student who waits… and waits… and waits before starting a big project. Of course, it’s due the next day! But Michael’s never-say-die attitude saves him from certain failure and humiliation. Yeah, right! See how he rescues himself from the jaws of academic death.

After Watching the News, Just Like You Asked, Mr. Cahill

Here’s our second video poetry project. It stars Toni Carroll as a middle schooler who gets kind of freaked out (and plenty ticked off) when she’s forced to watch the evening news for a Social Studies assignment. Check out what she has to say about her less-than-wonderful experience.

This Is Food? You Got To Be Kidding!

And here’s the first Freaky Dude Books poetry video. It stars Stephen Chesser as a guy who has deep insight why American education is in such trouble. You think it’s the teachers? Too much tv and video games? Bad students? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Let Stephen tell you what’s going on.

Lance’s Magic Act

Lance the Collie is an amazing dude. Want proof? Well, how many dogs can do what you’re about to see? “Yeah, sure,” you snort. “He probably has some kind of file or saw to help him get through that thing.” NOT! He’s for real. See if you don’t agree after you watch this you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it video.