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Even though I look relaxed and happy in the photo at the left, I am not always that person. Driven and intense is more like it, with a pinch of OCD and a huge dollop of ADHD. Yeah, yeah, I tell lots of jokes but I feel I have a lot to prove. I started writing in 1988 – yeah, that’s right, 23 years ago, which makes me, like at least a million years old — and by now I’ve written a lot. All types of stuff. I was a teacher for many years, including one year in England as a Fulbright participant. I’ve had five literary agents over the years. Got THIS CLOSE to getting published, but no luck. This site is the result.

So starting in 2012, I decided to start releasing those books that I used to use in class with my students back then. Did they like them? Like YEAH! The school system printed up a bunch of copies of my books and they put them in the school library. They were checked out more than any other books in the school. Other teachers started using the books too. There were a few articles in the local newspapers. “This is easy,” I thought. Five agents later, I was thinking differently.

“Well, it’s their loss,” I finally decided. And now the books are coming out like mosquitoes in the summer. Not quite that many of them, but we are up to seven  now. And more to come. So keep tuned for that.

What else?. Always busy. Live on the internet. Learning to make videos, design books, maintain websites. And dance. Dance? That old dude? Yeah, you heard right. And you can see more of that on our VIDEOS page. Prepare to be amazed. Maybe not amazed the way you’d like to be, but amazed nevertheless. Just one more way we’re on the edge, Freaky Dudes that we are.


I am an artist, web developer, tomboy, seamstress, dancer, cook, fix-it person, and most importantly, Daniel Berenson’s better half. Although he is a better writer, I usually have better jokes.

I created this web site and the Flash animations of the Freaky Dude. I studied fine art (painting and stuff like that) when I was a kid, then over the years it progressed into computers and everything related to making, building, fixing, or creating things.

And I have to say this, though Daniel probably won’t like it. When it comes to dancing, I surpassed him quite a while back. Nowadays, he has to get in line like everybody else. (Hey, I’m joking. He’s still my #1.)

We hope you enjoy Freaky Dude Books and that you will continue to check back frequently and participate in all the fun things that are going to be offered on this site. We promise: there will be a lot of them.


crankenfuss_transparency_with_logo_on_shirt_150X174Dr. Crankenfuss here and you’re going to be hearing a lot from me. As I said in my Freak Speak intro, I’m TO’d, PO’d, and BO’d. That last one isn’t what you think. It means bummed out. I’m sure you can figure out the first two. Oh, did I forget to mention my main quality? It’s my AWESOMENESS! (Just check out my shirt, dudes.)

So, it’s like I’m the truth machine at this site, you know. Daniel and Maureen can be kinda nice, especially Maureen, and they like to stay on people’s good side. Not me! I call ‘em like I see ‘em and I got 20-20 vision, especially when it comes to calling people on the dumb stuff they do. So keep a lookout for my good-looking face. When you see it, better step aside ’cause the truth is coming through.

BTW, ya notice who’s got the best lookin’ mug here? That’s right, non other than yours truly, the always unruly, and by far the cooli-est dude on this site.

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