Q. Yo dudes, you call yourselves Freaky Dude Books. So like where are the books, yo?

Yo dude, yourself. How about moving your eyes a little. No, you knuckle head, we didn’t mean for you to actually put your fingers in them. We meant moving your line of sight a bit to the right. No, no, to the other right! There’s our first book. It’s awesome, it’s funny, and did we mention it’s awesome. So check it out, dude. We think even you’ll like it. But there are others to come. Just this June or July we’ll be putting out three more books. Two will be joke books with jokes that are totally new. In other words, no one — and we mean NO ONE — has ever heard any of them! And another one will be TOTALLY FREE. So give us a little time. Soon enough, we’ll be the book place lots of dudes will be talking about.

Q. Is Daniel as good-looking in person as he is in that photo?

OMG, yes, yes, yes.


Daniel, you know that picture’s like five years old, maybe more, and you’ve spent like two weeks Photoshopping it to get rid of – what shall we call them? – the bad bits.

Wha?? That is so untrue and unfair. But just like you, you know.


Well, more like me than that picture is like you!


Ooh, that’s cold.


Q. Who’s the smartest one between you two?

Depends on what you mean by smart. I admit Daniel does the writing so you can be the judge of that. I do the web design and all the illustrations. So I guess he’s the writer and I’m the talented one.

Uhh, didn’t you forget that I make the videos?


Oh, yeah, my bad. But I do help you there too. Like whenever you throw some kind of fit and you’re jumping up and down and hitting yourself in the head with the printer and I have to come over and fix your little problems.

Aren’t you exaggerating just a little?


You’re right. I’m exaggerating just a little, no more than that.




Q. How can I get to be on your site, either as a featured Freaky Dude or an actor in your videos?

Get in contact with us through the – like Duh!! — Contact Us link. Show yourself off for us: your talent, your ideas, your interesting and funny stories. And make cool comments in the comments boxes on the different posts. That will show us the type of thinking you have to offer.

Q. How often are you going to put up new videos?

Well, since I make the videos I can answer that. Kind of. Right now, I’m editing a video I shot in April. It should come out within a couple weeks. I’m planning another one by the end of July. But putting out three books this summer will take up a bunch of time, so let me get back to you on that.

Q. Is poetry the only kind of video you’re going to make?

What a good question! No, it’s not. We’re starting out with poetry videos, but we’re thinking of a music video that will start really soon. And we’re going to be putting on dance videos and maybe videos of bands.

Q. Dance videos? Of who?

How ‘bout of you? If you’re a great dancer and want everyone to know about it, maybe we could help you. Or if you’ve got other talents that’ll display your freaky dudeness, such as being able to put a live squirrel in each nostril, we could be your ticket to world-wide fame. Or humiliation. Either way, you’ll be known.

Q. What’s FAQ mean?

That’s a really good example of FAQ. We get asked that all the time. FAQ means “Frequently Asked Questions.”

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