My first video’s online/ And I have to admit it’s mighty fine

Humor Post #125 from Dr. Crankenfuss, The World’s Awesomest Raving and Rapping Middle School blogger –

Hello to all from your new rap star Dr. Crankenfuss. Yep, that’s right. I have a new rap video online at YouTube at this page. The rap is around two minutes long and there’s under 150 words in all and I think I said a lot in that time/space. So check it out and then come back here for more news. (Oh, yeah. And hello to all you writers at Weekend Writing Warriors. That’s a very cool site for writers that you should check out.)

Hello again, all you rap fanatics out there. The video’s not too shabby, is it? I guess you could tell that wasn’t me exactly. It’s a Dr. Crankenfuss puppet but I’m okay with that. He’s pretty cool looking actually. I welcome any and all comments because I know they’ll be awesome. (At least I hope they are.) You can put your comments on the YouTube page or here on this page. Thanks for looking.

Daniel and me, we’re already working on our next video. It’s also based on one of my raps that I put up on this site a while back. You can look it up by typing “Why Can’t I Be a Hip Hop Star?” in the search box. We added music, changed the lyrics some, and I’ve been practicing my dancing so I won’t look like a total idiot. But like the rap says, my hopes ain’t too high on that.

Talk to you soon.

Your Rappin’ Dude with the ‘Tude (and now his own video),
Dr. Crankenfuss

Think you can do 4th grade Math? Think again. Try these!

Humor Post #124 from Dr. Crankenfuss, The World’s Awesomest Raving and Rapping Middle School blogger –

Okay, first things first. My Dr. Crankenfuss Puppet Video is almost finished and will come out soon. It is very cool. Promise!! And soon DOES mean soon. So keep checking back. After all, there’s nowhere else in the world that will have anything like a genuine Dr. Crankenfuss Puppet Video!

Now it’s back to what I promised you in the title. The last time I did this was in May of last year (2012), right before the EOG tests. Well, now that school’s started again, here are some more 4th grade Math problems that I found in a friend’s little brother’s Math book. I didn’t pick out the easy ones. What’s the fun in that? No, these are the ones that gave ME trouble (even though I’m in middle school)! But I got them right, I’m sure. And if you’re the first one to get them right, I’ll praise you to the skies on this blog and let everyone know how smart you are. (I may even convince Daniel to send you a free book of his.) Now you have to be 7th grade or younger to be eligible here. These aren’t too hard for a grownup. (Well, for some grownups anyway. BTW, that would be a cool thing to do. After you’ve done these, see if one of your parents could get them right. Or at least an older sister or brother. But it’s no fair if they help you.)


1) What the greatest amount of money in coins you can have and still not be able to give exact change for a dollar? (Hint: it’s definitely over a dollar.) ____________ Now, name the coins you’d need to add up to that amount. _______________________________________________________________________________

2) There are six people at a dinner at a restaurant. If everybody shakes hands with each other once, how many handshakes will take place in all? (And like I said before, this isn’t a trick question. No fair saying someone shook two people’s hands at once, or stuff like that.)   _________ handshakes in all

3) If October 8th is on a Friday, on what day is December 8th? (Yes, it’s the same year!) ___________________________

4) Fill in the next number in this sequence: 0, 1, 4, 11, 26, _____

That’ll do it. Piece of cake, no? I didn’t think so. Man, if fourth graders can do these, they’re in the wrong grade. Hey, they’re probably in the wrong school! Now I’m not posting the answers yet. I’ll wait till someone gets them all right. (I may have to throw in a hint or two if people are having trouble.) So put on your little beanie with the propeller on it and get to work. Send it to me by replying to this post and I’ll publish your answers. You have nothing to lose but your pride.

Talk to you soon.

From your Dude with the ‘Tude (and a tired brain from doing these problems),
Dr. Crankenfuss